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You have made the first step on deciding to visit the magic of Thailand, now let Asian Adventures do the rest. Your adventure with us holds the promise of wonderful and wildly diverse wilderness of which no other in the world can compare. These are images of Thailand that are unforgettable and in an ever-changing and fast paced world it is comforting to know that such pristine and magical places do still exist.

Asian Adventures offers a whole host of trekking programs in the Thai National Parks. We specialize in tailoring our treks to fit your specific needs or we can offer you a choice of standard treks starting with the One Day Adventure up to our 5 day and 4 Night Trekking Safari. Longer treks include elephant riding, canoeing, a night in a floating bungalow, and one night camping in the jungle in tents or a jungle house where you enjoy a traditional Thai dinner cooked and served in bamboo.

Jungle WaterfallThe Khao Sok and Khao Lak National Parks are one of the remotest forests in Thailand where you can still find monkey, hornbills, eagle, civet, tiger, wild boar, many variety of snakes, the largest flower in the world, rafflesia, wild ginger, wild fruits, rattan palm, which are just a few of the fauna and flora that are often found. Our experienced guides use a series of carefully selected routes to ensure that you see the best of the hard to find teeming jungle life.

The route to the parks is through rugged karst countryside clothed in thick green jungle through which you will catch glimpses of the azure Andaman Sea edged with long pure white beaches. Among our Eco-tours to Khao Sok and Khoa Lak National Parks we have many interesting tours available:


PRICE: US$ 150 (Price includes transport, accommodation, meals and water)

Jungle RiversKhao Sok National Park is located on the mountain ridge which separates the east and west coasts of the Thai peninsula. It consists of rugged mountains of mudstone and siltstone, averaging 300-600m above sea level. Limestone karst outcrops that are scattered across this rough terrain especially in the region of the lake, they tower over the surrounding forest and rise to 960m the highest point in the park. Tropical evergreen forest covers the majority of the National Park area. These forests are dense and stratified structures, dominated by tall emergent trees. The middle story of the forest is an aerial tangle of figs and lianas (woody climbers).

Inland LakesBelow is a dense undergrowth where evergreen ground flora such as bamboo, rattan, ferns and palms compete for light. Because of the parks position its forests contain species from both the north and south of Thailand. Khao Sok is home to a variety of very rare plants, most famously the ‘bua poot’, a giant rafflesia found growing parasitically on lianas and two palm species the langkow and maak pralahoo.   The richness of the tropical forest flora, the abundance of fresh water and the shelter of the mountains combine to provide excellent habitats for many wildlife species.  Khao Sok makes up part of the largest continuous forest area remaining in the Thai peninsula. This provides the only viable habitat in southern Thailand for large mammals needing extensive tracts of virgin forest for their survival.

Whether you are an armchair explorer visiting Khao Sok or a rugged backpacker set on exploring undiscovered areas, Khao Sok National Park will amaze you with its diverse and wonderful beauty. The two day one night trekking adventure will show you one of South East Asia’s most important wildlife habitats.

Waking up to a Khao Sok dawn is like nothing else, the mist hanging over the mountains and forest seem to bring the whole park to life, the gibbon calls seem to echo from miles away setting off an orchestra of wildlife calls all competing to be heard.


Adventure Day 1
07:15 Hotel pick-up by tour leader
07:30 Arrive at the Adventure Inn for light breakfast and trek briefing
08:00 Depart from the Adventure Inn for Khao Sok
10:30 Arrive Khao Sok, check-in to jungle tree house
11:30 Meet for Park briefing and lunch
12:30 Set out on early afternoon trek
15:30 Return from the trek for drinks and trek debrief, Questions & Answers
17:30 Meet for a traditional Thai meal and brief for Night Trek (optional)
18:30 Depart on the night trek
20:45 Return to base camp to settle down for a relaxing night in the middle of one of natures greatest achievements.

Adventure Day 2
06:30 Morning call for breakfast
07:00 Breakfast
07:30 Depart for main Khao Sok Trek
14:30 Arrive back at base camp for debrief, Q & A, shower and refreshments
15:30 Depart Khao Sok for picturesque journey back to Phuket
18:30 Arrive at the Adventure Inn for evening drinks


PRICE: 1\2 DAY US$45   PRICE: 1 DAY US$75 (include transportation, meals and water)

Phuket has been world famous for its golden beaches and secluded bays for many years, but the beauty of the Island does not stop there. Take a walk with us through the lush evergreen forests and the symmetrical rubber tree plantations of Phuket. The meandering trails we trek give you the photo opportunities of a lifetime.

Whether it is majestic elephants bathing or eating, to local coconut farmers collecting their crops with trained monkeys, these are the images of Thailand that should not be missed. Our treks take you away from the normal tours and let you experience ‘the real Thailand’.

We pass magnificent Buddhist Temples lavishly colored and decorated, bustling markets selling local products and flat pasture lands with herds of water buffalo silently grazing.

If you are a serious hiker or an occasional walker the 1\2 or the 1day Phuket Adventure Trek should not be missed on your visit to this amazing Island paradise.


08:00 Hotel pick-up by our tour leader.
08:15 Arrive at the Adventure Inn for a light breakfast and trek briefing.
08:45 Depart Adventure Inn, transport to the start point.
09:30 Set out from Bang Pae waterfall and visit the Gibbon Project on route.
12:00 Arrive Ton Sai waterfall for lunch, (1\2 day trek transport back to Adventure Inn)
13:00 Begin homeward journey through Khao Phra Thaeo National Park
15:30 Arrive at the pick-up point for transport back to Adventure Inn
16:15 Arrive at the Adventure Inn for late afternoon drinks.


PRICE: US $300 (includes accommodation, all meals, activities and transport)
Depart 07:30 day 1, return by 20:00 day 3

Soak up the ambience and beauty of Khao Sok as you relax in the jungle for three fun filled days. Stay in our tranquil jungle hide-away, Our Jungle House, located right on the Sok River. Spend each day at your own pace, the 3DAY/2NIGHT ADVENTURE can be as action packed or as relaxed as you wish. Let us know the type of activities you are interested in and we will take care of the rest.

Adventure Day 1: We have an elephant trek, a canoe safari, before an early evening swim in a forest river, with lunch and dinner in a jungle restaurant. We stay overnight in tree houses or lodges.

Adventure Day 2: We set off for the Cheow Lan Lake set in misty hills in the very heart of the jungle. From the waters edge we trek through fascinating limestone outcrops sculpted by time and water, and covered in thick jungle vegetation to the 800 meter long Namtaloo Cave. Lunch is taken on the edge of the Cheow Lan Lake before we take a long tail boat to the Ton Teuy Raft Houses where we stay overnight and enjoy a traditional meal.

Adventure Day 3: After breakfast at the raft houses we explore the incredibly beautiful lake with karst outcrops more impressive than Phangna Bay, in a long tail boat, followed by lunch at the raft house and a short trek. We will leave at about 5:00 PM for our journey back to Phuket.

Trekking In The Hills Of Northern Thailand

The people that inhabit the hills of Northern Thailand have long been a curiosity for visitors to the kingdom. Still practicing traditional forms of agriculture & clinging to their tribal traditions in the face of the intruding 21st century. Most have made long treks from Tibet, Burma, Yunnan, Laos and Vietnam to settle in the relative calm of Thailand bringing with them different languages, costumes and cultures.

On Our Treks we will meet Karen, Hmong, Lisu, Akha, Shan and Lahu tribesmen, tribesmen, learning about their lives and cultures as well as marveling at some of the most outstanding scenery anywhere in the world.

Our regular treks depart from Chiang Mai and take us either into the hills of Chiang Dao or into the Pai Valley. The scenery is breathtaking, there are large groups of tribesmen for us to visit and we go as far away from commercial trekking routes as possible. There are no roads where we venture and all supplies have to be carried. Individuals are expected to carry their own packs although porters can be provided. We walk for four to five hours per day which will entail some steep climbs.

Most active people can comfortably complete the journey and the scenic views are ample reward for all the effort. Accommodation is provided by villagers along the way where we sleep in long houses dormitory style in a room of our own. The facilities are basic but clean and you are made to feel as comfortable and welcome as possible.

3 Day 2 Nights. Min. 2 - max 12                Price 300 $US per person

2 Day 1 night.    Min. 2- max 12                Price 150 $ US per person

Group Discounts for four or more people. Full itineraries on request

Treks start and finish in Chiang Mai and include English speaking guides, transfers, entrance to elephant camp and caves, village accommodation, Thai food, soft drinks, sleep sheets, mosquito nets and mattresses.

NOTE : Porter for extra baggage 27 $US per person per day.

Longer treks are available for groups of four or more.

Kanchanaburi is Thailand's third largest province, covering an area of 19,486 square kilometers. The provincial area is mountainous and borders Myanmar to the west.  The province of Kanchanaburi consists of 13 districts .  Kanchanaburi is the site of the world-famous Bridge Over The River Kwae, immortalized in books and movies, and is noted for rugged natural beauty where mountains and river valleys have inspired the Karan & Mon tribes for thousands of years.

Beyond the compact provincial capital, some 130 kilometers, and a comfortable 2-hour drive from Bangkok, where the Kwae Yai and the Kwae Noi rivers unite to form the  Mae Klong River, Kanchanaburi unfolds in progressively arresting scenic beauty in a landscape characterized by several waterfalls, caves once inhabited by Neolithic man, national parks and tranquil riverside and reservoir settings.

Opportunities abound for rustic living aboard rafts on dazzling rivers and reservoirs,  and provide the focal point for memorable holidays for nature lovers who delight in natural surroundings  and pleasures without sacrificing basic comforts.

4 X 4 Jeep Safaris

Kanchanaburi :  3 days 2 nights 

Price : 150$US per person ( Includes Jeeps, Camping equipment, all meals, snacks,  rafting, accommodation and English speaking guide )

Day 1 : Bangkok to Kanchanaburi visit Phasawan Waterfall. Continue on to Tung-Yai deep in the heart of the Kanchanaburi forest. BBQ & camping for the night by the river.

Day 2 : Drive to Three Pagoda Pass right on the Thai-Burmese border. Raft down the river amongst some of the most dense and scenic jungle in South East Asia. Camping by the river or in bamboo huts in a Karen village, enjoying their hospitality and traditional dancing.

Day 3 : Visit the morning market in a Mon village & walk to the longest wooden bridge in Thailand that was built by the Mon people many decades ago. Drive to Sai-Yoke Noi. Trek up to the waterfall and explore cave systems on the way back down before driving back to Bangkok.      Trips Start & Finish In Bangkok.

Other Tours

We have a whole range of other tours, and we are pleased to devise a tour to fit your particular requirements. We can also organize Combination Tours which you can find on our website. Try, for instance, trekking for a few days, followed by a few days diving. We can fit you with any combination.

We will be pleased to quote you for your tailored tour.

Please note that our program order may be changed without notice to fit local conditions. We will replace your tour, if necessary, with one of equal value.

Itineraries for 7 day trips need a minimum 4 people. For more information please contact us. We also do 1-2 week trekking holidays in Nepal, Pakistan & India. Itineraries on request



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