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Thank you for showing interest in our Diving Academics Instructor Development Course Program. Our program gives much which will be of tremendous benefit in your future teaching career. We don't claim that we are conducting the best I.D.Cs in the world or Asia, but we are definitely trying as hard as we can to achieve this goal.

Our number one priority is that you, as an I.D.C candidate, will, in a relaxed learning environment, achieve success in the Instructor Examination and also become a successful and proficient professional PADI instructor.

We do this by running a candidate orientated I.D.C. This is further assured by the relaxed learning environment and the positioning of our 5 - star I.D.C centers at Le Meridien and Kata Thani 5 - star hotels, Thailand.

Our facilities have been described by the diving community of Phuket as being among the best 3 training centers in Asia to conduct I.D.Cs.

What is a PADI IDC Course All About

The I.D.C course is for PADI dive masters or Assistant Instructors and is conducted over a 9 day period. The schedule is planned so that you can receive the full benefits of our comprehensive program. We teach you how to dive.

During our relaxed yet comprehensive program  we will cover The PADI System of Diver Education, different teaching techniques, the Business of Diving and much, much more.

The I.D.C curriculum involves 27 staff presentations but with our expanded program you will benefit much more by attending extra presentations (e g. "What is the Dive Industry's Expectations of a Dive Professional?" and "Advanced Strategies for Recruiting Enthusiastic Divers."

You as a Candidate will deliver 9 Presentations - They Include:

Three Academics (theory presentations), Three Confined (pool presentations) and Three Open Water Presentations. During the I.D.C examinations you need to obtain a passing score to be able to attend the Instructor Examination (one of your academic presentations need to score at least 3.5, one confined open water presentation at least 3.4 and one of your open water presentations at least 3.5 (all out of a maximum of 5.))

In the unlikely event that you do not reach these scores we will work with you on extra presentations so that you can achieve passing I.D.C scores, therefore we guarantee success in your I.D.C scores so that you can attend the IE.

Minimum Prerequisites for attending IDC/IOC & IE

IDC Course

   1)   Be of over 18 years of age.
   2)   Be a certified PADI Divemaster or Assistant Instructor.
   3)   Submit an approved medical exam conducted within the last 12 months.
   4)   Have been a certified diver for over 6 months.
   5)   Have logged at least 60 dives.
   6)   Submit certification in CPR and First Aid awarded within the last 24 months.

If you can not attend the IE because you have not completed enough dives or have not been certified we will certify you as a PADI Assistant Instructor for free.

IE Course

   1)   Have attended and passed an I.D.C or I.O.C.
   2)   Have been a certified PADI diver for a minimum of 12 months.
   3)   Have made at least 100 logged dives.

IOC Course

    1)   Be of over 18 years of age.
   2)   Be an  instructor member in good stead for at least 6 months
   3)   Submit an approved medical exam conducted within the last 12 months.
   4)   Submit certification in CPR and First Aid awarded within the last 24 months.
   5)   Have been a certified diver for over 6 months.
   6)   Have logged at least 60 dives.

Please note that it is not required (but strongly recommended) that ad IOC candidate complete an I.D.C (without extra costs.)

Required Padi Materials

   ·   PADI Instructor Manual.
   ·   PADI Open Water Diver Manual.
   ·   I.D.C Candidate Workbook.
   ·   Recreational Dive Planner (Wheel and Table versions.)
   ·   PADI Open Water Course Quizzes & Exam Booklet.
   ·   Lesson Preparation Slates for Confined & Open Water.
   ·   Diver's Log (professional version recommended.)
   ·   Confined & Open Water Cue Cards

Recommended PADI Materials

PADI "Adventures in Diving", "Rescue Diver" and "Divemaster" manuals, "The Encyclopedia of   Recreational Diving", "Diving Knowledge Workbook", "Best of the Undersea Journal", "The Business of Diving", "The Law and the Diving Professional", "Decompression Theory", Dive Tables & Computer Manuals and PADI Rescue Diver & Divemaster Final Exam Booklets.

Required Papers

   ·   Asian Adventures I.D.C Enrolment Form.
   ·   Medical Exam Report (Conducted within the last 12 months).
   ·   2 Photos of Yourself.
   ·   Personal Diving History.
   ·   Photocopies of all non-PADI Certification Cards.

IDC Schedule IE Schedule

No 1: 1-9 February

No 1: 12-13 February

No 2: 7-15 March

No 2: 18-1199 March

No 3: 4-12 April

No 3: 15-16 April

No 4: 6-14 June

No 4: 17-18 June

No 5: 8-18 August

No 5: 19-20 August

No 6: 3-11 October

No 6: 14-15 October

No 7: 31 October - 8 November

No 7: 11-12 November

No 8: 28 November - 6 December

No 8: 9-10 December

Please note: that there will be an Instructor Examination Orientation at 5 p.m. the night before the actual Instructor Examination begins

PS: Additional, non-scheduled I.D.Cs can be arranged if we have a minimum of 2 I.D.C candidates.

Price List

   Divemaster Course (incl. internship) 1-14 days US$   640
   Assistant Instructor Course 6 days US$   460
   I.D.C Preparatory Course 2 days US$   200
   I.D.C 9 days US$   970
   I.O.C 4-9 days US$   795
   Medic First Aid Instructor Course 2 days US$   260
   Oxygen Provider Instruction Course 2 days US$   300
   Specialty Instructor Course 1-2 days US$   140
   I.D.C Instructor Course 11 days US$   495


Special Programs**

   Classic I.D.C + M.F.A.I US$ 1,190
   Classic Extra Prep + I.D.C + M.F.A.I US$ 1,350
   Classic Star Prep + I.D.C + M.F.A.I + O2 First Aid US$ 1,610

**Start-Up Career Packages

   OW Divers AOW + MFA + RD + DM + I.D.C US$ 2,150
   AOW Divers MFA + RD + DM + I.D.C US$ 1,870
   Rescue Divers DM + I.D.C US$ 1,540

PADI Asia Pacific Application Fees (Singapore & US dollars)

   Divemaster Sg$  95
   Assistant Instructor Sg$  45
   I.D.C Application Sg$  135
   IE US$  395
   I.D.C Staff Instructor Sg$   59
   Medic First Aid Instructor Sg$   75
   Specialty Instructor Sg$   75





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