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Daytrips around Phuket

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Similan Daytrips 2 or 3 dives daily with speedboat transfer to our dive boat stationed in the similans. Departures from Phuket begin at 06.00 for the 1 hour drive to Tapla Mu. Departures from Tapla Mu at 07.30.

Our Phuket daytrip diving destinations are clearly labeled on the map. As you can see we basically head out to 3 different areas where the diving is equally diverse and interesting.

The Racha Islands are located due South from Phuket with Shark Point, Anemone Reef and Koh Doc Mai east of Chalong Bay. 

The furthest destination out that we travel to are the Phi Phi Islands which are located approximately 48 kilometers from Phuket but certainly worth the journey. The Phi Islands being renowned as  one of the worlds top ten spectacular Island groups.

Daytrip Map

Daytrip Map




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