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The Mergui ArchipelagoLogoBurma

For over 50 years, the beautiful Mergui Archipelago, comprising over 800 islands and stretching over 10000 square miles, has been closed to foreigners. Newly opened, this pristine area offers uninhabited islands with white sandy beaches, untouched coral reefs and great shark diving. Here you have the rare privilege of seeing one of the world’s last unexplored archipelagos.

Dive Sites

Western Rocky
Located 80 km off shore, Western Rocky offers a sloping reef, great wall diving and several Burmasurrounding pinnacles. A tunnel leads right through the island, with lots of crayfish and usually some large sleeping nurse sharks. Western Rocky is one of Mergui's best spots for shark sightings. Encounters with White tips, Gray Reef sharks, Black tips and Bull sharks are fairly common.

Black Rock
This pinnacle is one of the most spectacular dive sites in the Mergui Archipelago with excellent reef life and an abundance of large pelagics including White tips, Silvertips, Gray Reef sharks, Black tips, Bull sharks, Eagle Rays and Mantas.

MerguiBurma Banks
The Burma Banks are a collection of seamounts located some 180 km north west of the Similans. With surrounding waters exceeding a depth of 300 m, the top of the banks rise to within 15-24 m of the surface. The Banks offer one of the world’s best shark dives due to their large population of Silvertips.

Our Vessels the SY Colona II and the SY Amadeus will take you to this new frontier in diving.




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